Testimonials - Kind Words

This lady requested her name and face not to be shown
"After years of abuse and a very messy end to my marriage, as a divorced Christian, I felt that my values and relationships, even with the Lord, had been shaken to the core.

I worked with Moira a few years into my healing process at a point where I needed to let go of my past and start making new plans for my future. Walking gently beside me, Moira used sensitive questioning with timely challenges to help me decide what important steps I wanted to take. When I approached what seemed to be a dead end in my thinking, Moira helped me to relook at this as part of the learning and moving forward process. 

We spent six sessions together. I felt that Moira was a kind encourager; facilitating my journey through her warm and relaxed approach. I moved forward significantly, realising that I had choices and I felt secure to make decisions. Moira encouraged me to start dreaming again.

Our time together was covered in prayer and the Holy Spirit was invited into our sessions. I found the healing I wanted and my understanding of God's kindness grew too.

My time with Moira was a real blessing!".


"When I contacted Moira I had some issues that were really holding me back.
I didn't know how to overcome them to be where I wanted to be. I felt this particular aspect of my life was on hold and I wanted to move forward.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from coaching.

Moira helped me to look deep into myself to find ways to work through each issue one by one.

She helped me to think about how I could set myself goals then we worked through my plans to achieve these goals. I realised that I can (and have!) overcome what was preventing me realising my full potential.

Moira was absolutely amazing in helping me feel relaxed and I felt free to talk. I cannot thank her enough and I'm really excited about the future".